About Us

Many believe we are living in the Plastic Age. And there is no doubt this synthetic polymer called plastic has made our lives generally safer and easier. Yet out of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year, half is designed for a single use. These single use plastics include bags, food packaging, water and soda bottles, coffee stirrers, and more, including plastic straws.

In the United States alone we use approximately 500 million straws daily. Many end up in our oceans and some studies have found a link between plastic pollution in oceans and increased ocean acidification. Increased ocean acidification creates warmer water, hurting our marine life and ultimately hurting humans. 

And there's the more obvious problem with fish and turtles ingesting or getting tangled in plastic.

I have three grown children and over the years I've  learned a lot about life from hearing their stance. They are worried about some big issues, but climate change and sustainability seem to be the most pressing from their perspectives, and from mine. 

SwigStick is a women-owned small business aiming to make a positive difference by making waves. We provide alternatives to disposable plastic, starting with disposable straws.  

We're all in this together. Let's start somewhere. Please stop using disposable plastic straws today!