Silver Smoothie/Boba Straws with Angled Tip

Silver Smoothie/Boba Straws with Angled Tip

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You know the first scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark where Indiana Jones procures this golden idol from an ancient temple after his guide betrayed him while he outsprinted an unreasonably fast boulder only for a rival archeologist to commandeer the gold idol with the aid of local indigenous warriors armed with bows and javelins who then pursue Indy as he flees and while he is running away we discover a few of the warriors have long, fluted sticks through which darts are blown? You shouldn't use this straw as a dart blowing stick.

Product Description:

  • Three thick straight straws with angled tip
  • Straws are 9.0 inches long and 0.47 inches in diameter, perfect for drinking water, juice, and tea
  • Appropriate for 20 oz drinkware
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carrying bag, cotton
  • 304 food safe stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe


These eco-friendly straws are one step toward helping the environment. Choosing a reusable straws rather than a disposable plastic straw helps prevent plastic from entering our oceans.